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We provide counsel and assist supervisory boards and members in becoming qualified in the professional design of staffing and compensation processes, we offer top-level trend insights and comparative values, and serve as advisors and discussion partners on topics relating to people, culture, and governance.

Dr. Gundi Wentner has over thirty years experience supporting supervisory boards, executive boards and management in fulfilling management positions in the private and public sector as well as non-profit organizations. She is an expert in management diagnostics and has been dealing with the topic of diversity management for many years. She has held management positions throughout her career at Deloitte as a partner, and has also been in charge of diversity and inclusion projects. She currently serves on the board of a non-profit organization that works in the fields of education and refugee aid.

Dr. Tamara Kapeller is a member of the supervisory board of a banking group and chair of the ESG committee. She lectures on sustainability and sustainable finance, both at universities and in an executive program for supervisory board members. She has over 13 years of management experience in the financial industry with a focus on governance and compliance, fit and proper assessment, legal and risk management as well as human resource strategies and processes. She began her professional career at a renowned commercial law firm.

Mag. Christian Havranek has spent more than 30 years advising businesses across a wide range of industries on the creation and implementation of human resource strategies that significantly and sustainably contribute to corporate success. During a period of considerable transitional change in work, workforce and workplace, all HR fields of action must be considered and implemented using a networked approach in order to be effective. As the company’s CHRO, he served on the management board of Deloitte Austria for many years and was in charge of corporate HR.

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